chaos is a great teacher

I’m alive. Work has been terribly busy and I spent this past weekend doing a much needed spring cleaning at home. For some reason, the more I have going on, the more productive I am in all aspects of life. I suddenly feel the need to start getting crafty and cook new recipes and keep a generalized order to my life outside of work.

I obviously am not great at keeping a daily journal of things but I think this diary from Keel’s is the perfect way to record your daily doings without taking up much time or taking yourself too seriously. There are a few different examples on their webpage of entries but I think this is one is my favorite.

Simple Diary



  1. Elizabeth

    I love this! Takes a few seconds, you don’t have to be that creative or insightful, but you’re still documenting little snippets of your life.

  2. Abby

    I think it would be such a fun idea to make a child version of this, don’t you think? There are dozens of practically empty diaries floating around Mom & Dad’s basement with a few pages filled out before I lost interest but I would have LOVED something like that – easy to record thoughts in but didn’t take too much effort to record.

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