i don’t think the eggplant should be that burnt

I tried out some new recipes tonight and surprisingly the
one I was least excited about blew my
taste buds away
. I pretty much despise
eggplant usually. Every time I've had it, it's been bland or chewy and neither
of those things are typically traits I look for in my dietary consumption. But
this Grilled
Eggplant and Olive Pizza
from my favorite, Smitten Kitchen was amazing. I added marinated artichokes because I had a major craving
for them, forgot to cut up the provolone (I just slapped those round circles on
top of the grilled eggplant) and made
it in a pizza pan instead of grilling but otherwise,
I pretty much stuck to the recipe.

Grilled eggplant pizza

Luckily I grilled up more than enough eggplant
because I definitely burnt about half (when it says grill for 6-8 minutes, it means 6-8 minutes, not "oh I'm
sure I'll remember to check on them in a few…") but I had enough to
cover the whole pizza so every single delicious bite had yummy, tender eggplant
in it.


I promise that I will be better about posting from this point forward. Work is
getting crazier by the day but I have no excuse!)


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