bang bang (my baby shot me down)

Italian love bandit.jph

The Italian Love Bandit  ||  $6

I really need to start buying larger art. I have an inclination for small prints, partially because they are more affordable than originals but also because I like being able to mix and match smaller pieces around my apartment. But now I have so many prints that it's starting to look cluttered and I just want big pieces to anchor them all down.


Charlotte  ||  $16

(currently hanging in my bathroom)


Before I make a paradigm shift of my art purchasing habits, I must mention that one of my favorite artists right now for this is Matou en Peluche out of Sydney, Australia. My sister had sent me a link to a print she wanted for her birthday and I ended up getting it for her plus four prints for myself. I'm completely enamored with all the birds and dark haired women that upon revisiting her site this morning, I found more prints I simply must have. Seriously, I'm going to have to change the name of this blog to "I-only-cook-recipes-from-Smitten-Kitchen-and-order-art-from-Matou-en-Peluche" if I don't start branching out a little.

Elizabeth in pink

Elizabeth in Pink  ||  $16



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