pink stripes and red bumps

I know my body well enough to know that this dress would look good on me only about 4% of the time. The 4% of time where I might have eaten a light dinner the night before, ingested zero salt the past week and miraculously hit the ever-elusive goal of drinking eight glasses of water every day. So basically the 4% of time where I don't have a pooch. Does everyone call them pooches? That's what we call them in my family but jersey fabric + my immense love of salt = unflattering. Either way, I'm coveting this outfit today, regardless of its realtime applicability on my body.

060210 combo

Chevron Dress  ||  $108, Horsetail Necklace #96  ||  $55, Tier in Grey  ||  $75

Another reason this dress wouldn't work for me is that my arms are covered in red bumps. At first I thought they were bug bites, and then poison ivy, but now I'm convinced I have some rare skin disorder and I am forever cursed with itchy, splotchy hands. Any ideas?


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