j u l y

I am a lazy blogger as of late. It’s been FOUR WEEKS since my last post. Seriously? Where did July go?

I’m also not feeling very inspired/artistic/creative/<insert something that is not the word tired here> lately. Saying that I’m not feeling tired would be a horrible falsification. I’m exhausted.

I am, however, a glutton for being busy.

I do it to myself. I make very conscious choices to take on the projects that keep me occupied so I can’t really complain about the lack of free time. I also still have seven days of vacation that I’m supposed to use up by September 15th but considering my company is opening two stores in the month of September, that is looking doubtful. I don’t lose the days after that date but my boss is convinced if we roll over our vacation into the next year, we’ll take a whole month straight and chaos will inevitably ensue.

Meanwhile, I have been browsing the web in my free time and I’ll try to start being better about posting things.

Facehunter 13

FaceHunter Series 13  ||  $28

Leigh Viner is my new favorite.

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