It always amuses me when functionally industrial things become popular fashion accessories. Timberland work boots, Hunter rain boots, things of that nature.

That is until I found Aigle. It’s a line of hand-made rubber boots made for such leisurely activities like farming, sailing, hunting or fishing. H A N D M A D E. For actual use. They even have a hiking sole for when you want to go exploring in the midst of a hurricane.

Aigle Malouine Boot  ||  $89.50

I am in love with the Malouine boot. It’s been hanging out in my favorites folder for awhile now but when I stumbled across it again a few days ago, it took all my self-control not to immediately order them. I think I’ll wait a few months for the rainy season but until then, they will be safe and sound in my “to buy” list.

(ps. J. Crew just had these for sale recently but only carried them for men – how cute would they be with some leggings on a rainy, autumn day? I love the waterproof laces!)

Aigle Nemrod Boot  ||  $165


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  1. abbeye

    Love the new site after the switchover! also, from the previous post…i’m not sure where july went either, but now that it’s over i have free time!

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