o v e r a c h i e v e r

Failure is Always an Option Screenprint  ||  $14

I could use this hanging in front of my face sometimes. I am a perfection junkie. I’m also a rampant overachiever. It’s not a wonderful combo. The only time I have a hard time not whirling myself into an anxious, project-ridden tizzy is the beginning of summer and the beginning of a relationship.

I am no longer experiencing either. Gone are the days of clock-watching just so I could sneak out a few minutes early and get a little sun on my face or catch a baseball game with my other half. My skin is plenty sun-kissed and I’m lucky if J and I catch each other for long enough to eat dinner together, much less nine innings.

So here is my short list of things to do in the next two months:

1. Go on a vacation. Not a trip, a vacation.

2. Have a least two, real dates with J a month. As in cell phones’ off, dogs at home, et cetera.

3. Finish the stack of books on my bedside table.


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