counting sheep

I am jonesing for this bed.

Steel Panel Bed  ||  $700


You see, I’ve been on a three year search for the perfect bed. It started when my boyfriend at the time and I decided to upgrade from a crowded double to a slightly more spacious queen. We were moving and it just made sense, right? Except for the fact that it meant we had to give up my mother’s antique cannonball bed in favor of a plain, steel bed frame. Bleh.

Problem two? We had just bought a set of modern, cherry-stained wooden dresser and side tables. Three pieces of matching furniture is about as matchy-matchy as I get so that immediately ruled out buying a wooden bed. Everything else has just always seemed too out of place with the rest of my style or too close to the other furniture but just not quite right.

I’m always hesitant to make such a big purchase without seeing it in person, so I probably won’t be getting this exact bed, but at least I’m a little bit closer to knowing what I want.


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