a fear of writing

I’m admitting defeat. I originally started this blog as a way to share things I found beautiful or interesting but as I’ve increasing become creatively blocked, so has my ability to find creativity in other things.


So alas, this is my attempt to unblock my creative forces, if not only for the sake of blogging than because my job somewhat requires creativity and the absence of it is becoming deafeningly obvious.


Writing is something that I have always loved, but rarely shared, so bear with me. I remember in college some friends finding some rough drafts on my computer and being mortified. I always regarded writing as a therapeutic way of coming to terms with whatever angst I was feeling and to have someone open that up and expose it felt, well, invasive. This is all while I was trying to be an English major and having my every thought be dissected and mutilated into something that wasn’t even an original thought. It was my original thought run through a filter of correct grammar usage and proper citations until for heaven’s sake, who gives a shit?! So I’m abandoning my fears of scrutiny under the thumb of Strunk and White and just giving it a shot.



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