say cheese

I can’t believe I have never written about my love of cheese. To put it simply, I adore cheese. Cheese ranks up there with my favorite things like bacon, sparkling wine, mustard and you know, breathing. Maybe even in that order. I’ve never been a big fan of chocolate or even sweets in general, so cheese has long been my go-to indulgence.

Tintagel Cake  ::  £97

These wedding “cakes” are from The Cheese Shed, an English cheese shop that sells cheese local to the Devon area. If I ever marry, I would easily forgo a traditional wedding cake in favor of one (or two!) of these. You could even slice up whatever you didn’t eat at the reception and send it home with your guests as wedding favors. That is if you’re generous with your cheese (which I don’t think I am) and willing to give up any of that yummy goodness (which also, not sure I would be).

Zennor Cake  ::  £149

They don’t ship to the United States, although I’m sure your local cheese market or specialty food shop would be able to help you order whole cheese wheels. You also have to purchase the decoration kits separately and DIY but I’m sure you could do something equally beautiful with a trip to the local farmer’s market and a stop at the craft store.

Gold Hill Cake  ::  £205

Either way, I love the idea of making a wedding cake (or just an edible centerpiece at a party?) out of something you truly enjoy instead of something traditional. What would you choose to comprise your cake if you had a wedding/party to plan?

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