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you make me happy…

I moved into my house last week! I will post some pictures once I get settled in, but in the meantime – I found this print today and I thought it was so sweet. I’m not normally a big fan of primary colors in design but I like little pops of it around the house like this.

Print  //  $19

hey stranger

I’m sorry for disappearing for awhile. I close on my house on seven (SEVEN!!) days and between that and work, I haven’t had much time to scour the web for new things favorite and creative. However, with my entertainment budget dropping to zero here in a week, I’m sure I will have more time to peruse and post.

Design*Sponge posted about this Etsy shop – Little Things Studio – a few days ago and I keep coming back to the beautiful prints (priced $20 and below). Varying in style and featuring different literary quotes, they would make lovely wedding gifts or housewarming presents (hint, hint…).


Anne Shirley quote // Simon Dach quote // Laura Ingalls Wilder quote

two down, three to go

This week has already been a tough one and it’s only Tuesday. So this poster by Hi, I’m Francesca is going to the printer and then on my wall until all ten fundamentals sink in. Download the free high-res PDF here to print your own!

(via Hi, I’m Francesca)

can it be spring yet?

I want to stroll around town in this outfit pronto, even though it is January and I would freeze my tush off. I don’t care because I’ve hit my winter style lull where I’m tired of lugging around heavy coats and want to just throw on my purse and walk out the door. Sigh. It will be here soon enough, I’m sure.

And Michelle & Sarah, I kept everything under $100 as an ode to you two, even if it’s only because they’re off season and on sale 🙂

(Scarf, playsuit and moccasins.)