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business casual?

After the last post, I realized that I don’t have fun summer clothes anymore because all I buy during the summer are outfits for work. In winter you can layer more, adding on to pieces that alone might not be work appropriate but that is much harder to do in the summer. When I used to work in retail, I could pull off tiptoeing the line between personal and work clothes but now that I work in an office, I feel very far from that line – living in the black hole that is “business casual” dressing.

If I could buy three new work outfits, they would be the ones below. I didn’t even bother posting the prices so it seems more attainable (if only in my imagination). I think the Dona Monroe blouse below is my perfect work shirt. So simple but the buttons and color make it so unique.

donna monroe blouse  //  vince pants

topshop shirt  //  dkny pants

3.1 phillip lim blouse  //  j. crew skirt

fancy seeing you here

I know, I won’t make any excuses. Life has been nuts but hopefully things will calm down a bit now that it’s summer. Anyways, the warm weather has me pulling out my summer clothes and I’m realizing that I am seriously lacking in fun warm weather clothes. Unfortunately my budget is hovering right around zero now that the word mortgage is in my everyday vernacular but here are my completely unrealistic picks for summer:

(Well, the ASOS dress is reasonable but since no-budget equals no-festivals, I don’t know that I need a flowing floral frock for anything I can justify to my bank account.)

a. Myne Coco Sheared Neck Tee  ::  $158

b. DVF Beabea Coverup Romper  ::  $185

c. ASOS Floral One Shoulder Asymmetric Dress  ::  $80.69

d. Patterson J. Kincaid Tribal Stripe Balboa Slouch Tee  ::  $138

e. Tucker Long Tunic  ::  $319

holiday gift guide 2010

thistle & clover

I know, I am a delinquent blogger. I won’t even make excuses. I have been working on a few things but they aren’t quite ready for public consumption yet.

It’s rare that I find a shop where I like everything. Even my beloved Need Supply Co. usually only has a handful of things I could/would actually wear (mostly due to hipbones that long ago disappeared under flesh and the unlikelyhood that my bosses would mind me showing up in this **sidebar: As lovely as your legs may be, that is not a dress. Please put on pants**)

So when I found the online store for  Thistle & Clover, a little shop in Brooklyn, I stopped. Scrolled down slowly……scrolled a little more….and nothing. Nothing I didn’t like. In fact, there wasn’t a single piece I couldn’t imagine in my own closet.

Clockwise from L-R: Demylee Cowl Neck Cashmere Sweater || $258, Lily & Jae Abstract Fleur Cami  || $145, Sublet Petal Dress  || $304, Trovata Plaid Shirting  || $156.40


on ne peut désirer ce qu’on ne connaît pas

I may not be able to afford this whole outfit, but I know that I want it. (Actually, the sweater is the only thing that couldn't fit into my budget but A.P.C. is just so yummy, I don't even want to find a less expensive alternative.)


A.P.C. Indigo Stripe Sweater  ||  $198

Gap bermuda shortsGap Roll-up Bermudas  ||  $39.50

Century || jefferey campbellJeffrey Campbell Century Sandals || $78


My heart sank a little when I saw Frye's new collection of leather, low-top sneakers. Not because I was disappointed, but because I absolutely LOVE THEM but have already filled my sneaker quota for the summer. I did, however, just throw away a pair of Toms because the dogs had chewed out the insoles so technically I could replace them with a pair of these. 

Now I just need to decide what color I like best – because I like them all - and order a pair of these suckers.

Kira low top || frye

kira low top sneaker  ||  $118

memory of kindness

Perfume is not something I immediately think “Oh, now THERE’S an industry that would do well online!” However, I think CB I Hate Perfume takes the cake on making me want to risk ordering one just because I love their site so much.

CB I hate perfume
I love reading the stories behind each scent and trying to guess whether or not each one would smell alright on me. I might just have to order some and find out!

steven oxfords

Steven Melin Pinked Perforated Oxfords
In keeping with my new fascination with smaller shoes, I'm coveting these lately. I have the hardest time finding shoes for work that aren't your run of the mill flats but aren't so bizarre looking that you can only wear them with a very specific outfit. 

I think these would be equally cute with a summer shift dress as they would be with slacks and a sweet, breezy blouse. Multi-functional and cute? Yes, please!

i do not have wedding fever

Thurley Silk Collar Gown

I know. Posting pictures of wedding dresses is lame when you're twenty-something, single and not really looking to get married anytime soon but I think this dress is just gorgeous. I guess it wouldn't have to be a wedding dress but it was $895 when it was available so I don't think I could justify spending that much on a dress unless it for my wedding.

via Net-A-Porter (I can't remember which blog I originally found the link)