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little houses

I know I was just saying how I was ready for it to be summer, but these coats from Little Houses could make me endure the cold weather just a bit longer.

Marla Sweater  ::  $110

Ada Coat  ::  $195

Arienette Coat  ::  $210

(The Arienette has elbow patches too, my new favorite thing)

i have worries to give to the sea

It’s been in the upper-60°s this week and all I want to do is go play at the beach. I didn’t get away to the coast even once this past summer, so I am going through a major double-winter ocean withdrawal.

Stores are starting to get in their Spring/Summer collections and I keep bookmarking pieces I want for my imaginary beach vacation. Even men’s summer pieces! I can’t help it. I need some ocean + sand to soothe my soul.

I know the men’s henley doesn’t seem very logical but one of my favorite parts about going to the beach is at night when your skin gets cold from being in the sun all day. Boyfriend’s oversized (on you) super-soft cotton shirt? Does the trick. And Franks is a line of board shorts out of Australia that I love – mainly because they offer American style and European style swim shorts with a few somewhere in between (like the one pictured, although I love the throwback feel of this one too).

1. Aubin & Wills Inchberry Henley  ::  £69

2. ASOS Macrame Back Maxi Beach Dress  ::  $62.76

3. ASOS Cotton Beach Shirt  ::  $35.86

4. Franks Thin Stripe Mid-Length  ::  $88


All of this “buying my first house” business has suddenly put me in a major nesting mode. Money that was once spent on nights out with friends is put away for the bathroom remodel or a new kitchen table. Clothes that used to be purchased without a blink are now calculated into fractions of new appliances or gallons of paint. I’m trying not to get too crazy with flipping through design magazines and scouring the internet for the perfect finds but it’s getting increasingly more difficult. Granted, I’m buying the house alone so one income does not lend itself to actually purchasing much but one can wish, right?

Current wants for the new house:

I absolutely love anything mirrored, so this tiled floor mirror is my grown-up upgrade from the dorm-room version I’m still rocking in my bedroom.

Antique Tiled Floor Mirror  ::  $359


I’m trying to move away from storing food in plastic, so oven-to-table-to-fridge pieces like these are perfect. Most of my dishes are white and glass so having a pop of color in the cabinets would be a nice complement.

3-Piece Spring Potluck Baker Set  ::  $30


My new living room (fingers crossed that I get the house, although we are under contract) is too narrow for a traditional coffee table so I really want a pair of functional end tables like these that are big enough to hold everything a coffee table normally would. Plus I love the drawers for hiding remotes and other unsightly (but necessary) things.

Danish Modern End Tables  ::  $250

(This pair already sold on eBay, but I love the silver jack details so I want to find a pair similar to these.)

can it be spring yet?

I want to stroll around town in this outfit pronto, even though it is January and I would freeze my tush off. I don’t care because I’ve hit my winter style lull where I’m tired of lugging around heavy coats and want to just throw on my purse and walk out the door. Sigh. It will be here soon enough, I’m sure.

And Michelle & Sarah, I kept everything under $100 as an ode to you two, even if it’s only because they’re off season and on sale 🙂

(Scarf, playsuit and moccasins.)