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i have worries to give to the sea

It’s been in the upper-60°s this week and all I want to do is go play at the beach. I didn’t get away to the coast even once this past summer, so I am going through a major double-winter ocean withdrawal.

Stores are starting to get in their Spring/Summer collections and I keep bookmarking pieces I want for my imaginary beach vacation. Even men’s summer pieces! I can’t help it. I need some ocean + sand to soothe my soul.

I know the men’s henley doesn’t seem very logical but one of my favorite parts about going to the beach is at night when your skin gets cold from being in the sun all day. Boyfriend’s oversized (on you) super-soft cotton shirt? Does the trick. And Franks is a line of board shorts out of Australia that I love – mainly because they offer American style and European style swim shorts with a few somewhere in between (like the one pictured, although I love the throwback feel of this one too).

1. Aubin & Wills Inchberry Henley  ::  £69

2. ASOS Macrame Back Maxi Beach Dress  ::  $62.76

3. ASOS Cotton Beach Shirt  ::  $35.86

4. Franks Thin Stripe Mid-Length  ::  $88

bawlmer, merlin

I spent the weekend in Baltimore with my three sisters. My
third sister just moved there for graduate school so we got together to see the
house that she and her husband just bought and to see the city. I’ve lived in
the mid-Atlantic for almost a decade now and I’ve only ever been to Baltimore
for music shows so it was fun to wander a bit.

In between trips to IKEA, toddler naps (ok, and adult naps) and catching up with each other, we went to the Hampden neighborhood and…


shopped at Red Tree


Golden west
ate at Golden West,



and coveted everything in Paradiso.


ninety-one degrees


Pixies Summer Dress  ||  $175, Tano Native Tongue, Mystique 3574  ||  $125


I’m going away this weekend with my two best friends for a joint birthday celebration. The forecast is h o t and I’m wishing I had a small, over-the-shoulder bag like this one to throw on with a sundress and sandals to go on our adventures.

dr. marvin, i’m sailing

Corsicakaftan Corsica Kaftan  ||  $88

We just booked a weekend trip for July to a nearby lake (houseboat!) and I think I need this little beauty to keep me from becoming a lobster the first day.

Minkpink flustered dress

MINKPINK Flustered Dress || $59

Palm spring slub throw-over wrap
Palm Springs Slub Throw-Over Wrap || $48

And then I need these for lounging in the evenings!

there are no foreign lands. it is the traveler only who is foreign.

Bespoke Map Dish
Sorry I've been quiet lately. Work is super busy and I've been trying to enjoy the beautiful weather out when I get home. Seventy degrees in March? I'll take it!

I have been itching to do something crafty and I think I might try my hand at making one of these bowls. I think they are so fun but $105 is a little out of my price range currently. I think they would make a great coffee table bowl for a newlywed couple though (or I might just keep it for myself!)