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little houses

I know I was just saying how I was ready for it to be summer, but these coats from Little Houses could make me endure the cold weather just a bit longer.

Marla Sweater  ::  $110

Ada Coat  ::  $195

Arienette Coat  ::  $210

(The Arienette has elbow patches too, my new favorite thing)

tea time

For some reason, I have a major aversion to heating water in the microwave. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the microwave, I just like going through the motions of boiling water in a kettle. Right now I use an old percolator (sans the percolator part) which works fine except that the kettle is tall and narrow, leaving very little surface area for the bottom to contact the flame. So here are a few alternatives to choose from when it’s time to replace the status quo.


Chantal Bridge ::  $40

Paula Deen  ::  $30

Le Creuset  ::  $70

Copco Fusion  ::  $40

cold feet

I’ll be back to blogging soon, but in the meantime:


Sam Edelman “Mateo” Boot  //  $155


I’m jonesing. It’s cold outside and my leather boots aren’t cutting it anymore. I need fur on my feet, dammit.


(And normally I’m not a boots-with-the-fur-showing type of girl, but I think these are super cute rolled down.)


holiday gift guide 2010


It always amuses me when functionally industrial things become popular fashion accessories. Timberland work boots, Hunter rain boots, things of that nature.

That is until I found Aigle. It’s a line of hand-made rubber boots made for such leisurely activities like farming, sailing, hunting or fishing. H A N D M A D E. For actual use. They even have a hiking sole for when you want to go exploring in the midst of a hurricane.

Aigle Malouine Boot  ||  $89.50

I am in love with the Malouine boot. It’s been hanging out in my favorites folder for awhile now but when I stumbled across it again a few days ago, it took all my self-control not to immediately order them. I think I’ll wait a few months for the rainy season but until then, they will be safe and sound in my “to buy” list.

(ps. J. Crew just had these for sale recently but only carried them for men – how cute would they be with some leggings on a rainy, autumn day? I love the waterproof laces!)

Aigle Nemrod Boot  ||  $165

soupe a l’oignon

Soupe a l’Oignon
The weather has started to warm up considerably but I'm dying to make a batch of this French Onion Soup from Smitten Kitchen. As one of my favorite food blogs to read, I would gladly eat up almost anything on her site but for some reason, I think I need to get a bowl of this in before soup season officially ends. 

As an avid French Onion Soup eater, I think the perfect version is a combination of just enough broth, just enough sauteed onions and lots of crunchy, cheesy bread on top. This recipe looks like it might just have that combo down pat.